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Before you add a new glitch there are some guidelines that need to be followed. By following these guidelines, you'll save alot of time and other people won't have to edit it as much.

Before adding a glitch[edit]

Before adding a glitch you should make sure that you follow these rules:

  • The glitch does not already exist on this site.
  • The glitch can be reproduced and is not something like "it only happened once to me".
  • The glitch follows naming guidelines and proper form (see below sections).
  • The glitch does not involve Action Replay, Gameshark, or any other cheating device.

Naming your glitch[edit]

When you need to name your glitch, please name it something that has to do with the glitch itself.
Let's say you found a new glitch in LSWII where somehow getting 99,999 studs crashes the game.

Bad Example:

LEGO Star Wars II Glitches - Freeze Glitch

The problem with this example is that it is not specific at all. A "Freeze Glitch" does not tell much about it, aside from it's description.

Bad Example:

LEGO Star Wars II Glitches - Too Many Studs Crash

The problem with this example is that there is too much detail and sounds a bit long.

Good Example:

LEGO Star Wars II Glitches - Stud Overload

Now this example is better because it gets down to the point, just telling the reader that something wrong happens because of an excess of studs. It's also a much more unique name, and is more likely to be visited often.

Glitch Page Design[edit]

When you are on the new page to add a glitch, please use the glitch posting template so it looks like all the other pages.
See the Glitch Posting Template for more information on this.