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This is going to be a short page but it should cover what is needed to be covered.

Procedure on verifying glitches[edit]

When verifying glitches, there are really two ways to do so. Either...

  1. Make sure that there are videos to prove it somewhere (images can be used, but they aren't quite a solid in terms of proof).
  2. Actually try the glitch out yourself, and see that the glitch works.

If neither of these are the case, then please mark the glitch with a "0" for verified, like so:


Either one of the above would work.

How to change a unverified glitch to a verified glitch[edit]

In order to change it from unverified to verified you have to edit the said page and then find the glitch header and change "verified=0" to "verified=1", if there is no "|verified=0" then just add "verified=1" at the end.